IMPORTANT! All employees:

We take both the environment and our security seriously. Ensure all lights are off and all doors are locked when leaving the premises. Failure to do so will result in termination of contract.

Are you the last one in the office? That makes the above your responsibility, in this retro-styled puzzle adventure.

Features the following stuff:

  • Cool old-school puzzle adventure object picking-up and using mechanics
  • Seven different endings to find (including at least 2 super-secret ones)
  • Four collectable mugs to collect for the time-poor completionist
  • Seamless gameplay system. Er... in that it takes about 5 minutes to get through
  • A sense of corporate environmental responsibility

Boring Background Nonsense:

This game is based on a very real, but irrational fear I've had at my workplace, when I've been the last person in the office, and am therefore responsible for locking the building and making sure all the lights are off. Although I've done this a few times, I'm terrified of:

  • Leaving something unlocked and people come in and nick things
  • Locking someone inside and the alarm going off, thus branding them a criminal
  • Setting off the alarm myself and having to explain to the security company what happened while trying not to look guilty

However, a big disclaimer. Although based on my paranoia:

  • The game, and its characters, are not remotely based on my real workplace. (Where I work exists in 3 dimensions and has toilets that are accessible)
  • In real life, I am fortunate in that my colleagues are considerate and conscious of the well-being of others
  • And I haven't used any real passwords, so don't get any ideas.

This was originally supposed to be my attempt at Weekly Game Jam #149, with the theme "Last One Left". Thanks to all of this lock-down business (future generations, look up 2020 on Wikipedia) I was going to have a go at making a game, when not working from home; however a migraine lost a couple of days' worth of time and I bailed out. Originally using Unity, then followed 2 years of being too busy / lazy / depressed to do anything, until the simple engine that PICO-8 provided was the excuse I needed to make a more compact game.

Cheers all

James Langston - Cat In Eight Bytes - @Jimbob_Riber

Install instructions

It's playable in browser, but also downloadable for Windows, Mac and Linux (I only have 1 of those, so let me know if anything catches fire). There are zip files, you'll know what to do, you're alright.


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